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I am a diverse and creative soul, with a burning passion for going “deeper”. I let not society dictate how I vote, love, eat, think, act or fuck. I am a tree-loving hippy, Social Entrepreneur, Gender Fluid being, experienced polyamorous individual, health advocating vegetarian, Idealist, Dreamer, sociopolitical and environmental activist, Biker, and proud kinky person!

A Service Top classically trained (in a more Old/Mid-Guard style) with high standards. I deeply value traditions of the Old Leather community, as well as admire and support the diversity of more recent generations. My intention is to bring about union between the two, as well as preserve some of our history.

If I had to pick one interest, I would say pet-play is my primary fetish/kink. I am a talented switch and can be brat personified. I am more of a sensualist than a Sadist, but I definitely have my moments. My other favorite forms of torment and play reside in the mental realms. I also very much so enjoy edge play when the right partner(s) present themselves. Strong participant of P.R.I.C.K.

Though I am a highly sexual being, I am far from promiscuous. My brain, heart and mid-section are closely linked. If you don’t stimulate me mentally, you won’t stimulate me emotionally. If there is not ample connection in another realm outside of purely physical, my body will not react. I do enjoy playing with others, but genital intercourse is reserved for those I have intense love for.

I have been active in the fetish community for nearly half of my life, in various cities across the U.S. I have also been a member of or intertwined in many different tribes, houses, families, and clubs.

Career-wise I have been a Talent Manager for the last few years, and am currently re-tooling my business. I also work for a personal injury attorney on the side. Much of my free time is dedicated to taking care of my parents.

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