Life Hacks

This is a list of sites (with member site examples) that can be helpful in shaping and developing your life in your own vision. These hacks are best used when a focus on making local in-person friends and interpersonal relationships, as well as experiencing new things in life is the end-goal.

It is best to bookmark these sites (see tool below), and visit and utilize them as much as possible. Pick and choose which ones would be helpful for you, but like most all things in life, you get what you put into it.

(free account profiles may be required to view some user examples)
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Hack Toolkits:

Lifehack Videos:

Social Hack Tools (some have cam/chat features):

Expression Hack Tools:

Travel Hack Tools:

Romance Hack Tools:

Business Hack Tools:

Entertainment Hack Tools:

Self-Esteem Hacks:


One Response to Life Hacks

  1. Courtney says:

    Heya! So I saw that you have 7cupsoftea on here, and i figured, as long as you guys have mental health help sites on here, I’d reccomend this as well!

    It’s a tumblr blog, and they’ve helped me through some really horribly hard times and I strongly encourage you to give them a look-over, see if you think it’s helpful and/or shareworthy uwu


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