House Sanguine Tenets

House Sanguine Is…

An emotionally intelligent house full of intention.

With that said there is structure within the confined of our loving family.

Below is some of the public information fundamental to our House, and how we hope our members naturally conduct themselves.

The Tenets are commitments made to ones-self, not to another.
The Pledge is a declaration of those self-imposed ethics.
In this we are united.

Interested in being a part of this House?
Read below, then take The Pledge.

Divider Thorn

House Sanguine Tenets:

  • Omniscience
  • Momentum
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Competence

Omniscience: The ability for all our members to see the House as a web. To act as a part of a whole, rather then a single individual.

Kink Welcoming- Judge not other’s kinks within the confines of legality and mutual consent.

Compassionate- Care for those within your family and greater community. Agreeing to disagree is fine, and our thoughts or ideas are not our whole.

Juxtaposition- Before judging know the whole of a person and their experiences, and imagine being in their positions. We all do the best we can with what we know and our views of reality.

Deep Listening- We have two ears and one mouth. Do more listening then speaking, acknowledge another’s words and individual truths, and be of sound mind and body before speaking or acting.

Duel Divinity- Acknowledge the beauty, truth, and spirit of another as it is but a part of yourself.

Equality- Accepting of all creeds, backgrounds, lifestyles, and gender identities that cause no harm directly unto others.

Momentum: Moving from a solid base within one’s self, and reaching out towards the greater web with forward momentum and clear intention and drive.

Catalyst- Having clear drives and passions, and aligning said focuses with one’s own actions.

Vigor- The burning motivation to better one’s self and aid those around us on our own path towards greatness.

Self Ownership- One can not Master another, unless they have first Mastered themselves. Caring for thine-self is to care for the greater community. Own your own emotions, and work towards your own needs without stifling that of others.

Connectivity- Meeting other members eye-to-eye on a frequent or at least regular basis is highly encouraged. Connectivity helps fuel compassion and forward momentum.

Integrity: Honesty and fair treating of others and oneself is vital to keep a solid foundation. It is vital to create a safe space for all our members.

Appeal- Members are expected to be of generally good health, hygiene, have an acceptable level of tact/ charisma, hold themselves well, and tend to their outer and inner beauty. Because of these traits most our members are young and generally fit and attractive to a majority of the community.

Toxins- Substances that are harmful to more then just an individual should be enjoyed away from the family, and addictions of most all sorts are generally not desired for the well-being of the whole.

Deceit- Theft and dishonesty damages the integrity of the whole. Cheating no matter if it is with tangible or intangible goods (such as money or upon people) is also a form of deceit.

Sustainable + – It is best to leave an environment (or a person) better off then when we first find it. Clean up after yourself, and show care for the whole by going the extra step with person and property.

Respect- Elders and other notables in the House Sanguine and greater fetish community should be treated with respect at all times. It is fair to challenge one’s views and ideas, but to directly cause ill upon another is disrespectful.

Service: Popularity and weak potency are not our motivations. Through a mostly rigid framework of Service we show dedication to the whole, and the future of the House. These service times are to be considered the general “learning curve” for most people within the community.

Loyalty- One can not be pulled in too many directions, neglecting primary needs of other members of the community or the whole. Focus should be clear, and one most not be over-burdened or over-reaching between multiple people or Houses without doing so with the utmost grace and care.

Structure- The house is made up of 4 spheres with the next inside the first. The outermost sphere is the world and all communities of living things, inside of which is the general House Sanguine community. Within are two smaller spheres; the Full Members and the Core Members. Each Sphere represent different levels of commitment and seats of regard and respect.

Hub- Core Members are expected to host and aid in the organizing and implementation of parties, talks, and events.

Protection- Being “protected by” House Sanguine is a privilege, not a right. Proper conduct and respect to all members is required. Protection may be removed without warning.

Consideration- All new general members must be in “consideration” for a minimum of 3 months.

Training- General members become Full members after a minimum of 1 year “training” or “service” to a Full or Core member of the house or the house its self.

Prestige- To be a “Master”, “Mistress”, “Mentor” (or similar titles) and/or Core Member of House Sanguine one must have been in service, Mentored by, or directly related to at least 2 Core Members for a minimum of 6 months each. Some exceptions may be made for members of the general community in high regard and standing.

Competency: We hold our Members at high regard, and expect nothing less of them then to be outstanding members of the broader BDSM/ Power Exchange community. Because of this we have a minimum expectation for all of our members.

BDSM Etiquette- One is expected to know the general points of etiquette within the community. This includes touch by consent only, respecting other relationship roles, owning ones own emotion, and not breaking one’s own or another’s toys.

Learning Curve- Outsiders are expected to take a Pledge before being “considered”. Full Members must be able to fully pass a test before being recognized as a Full Member or higher. Anyone attempting the test can consult this or related documents, and are encouraged to seek aid and guidance from Core Members.

Tenets- Full members are to take and be able to pass a test related to the House Sanguine Tenets.

Roles- One is expected to know who the Core Members are, and have met most if not all of them at one point in time.

Repercussion & Representation- Membership is a privilege not a right. Poor conduct or general disregard will be handled with corrective action or removal of status within the House.

Dignity- Although Core Members are to be treated with respect, they are not everyone’s Master or Owner. Trust is earned not owed, and members are not expected to perform any activity they have not clearly expressed consent for.Divider Thorn

Interested in being a part of this House?
Take The Pledge.


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