Why Pledge?

The simplest answer to that question is; “Why not?”

For a more detailed response, the right questions must be asked.

Divider ThornTo be considered for membership take: The Pledge
All Members must also adhere to: House Sanguine Tenets
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Why do others Pledge?

Many of our Members have big hearts. Such big hearts in fact, they often have a hard time creating Healthy Boundaries. Taking The Pledge is a declaration of sorts of their intention moving forward in life, and inviting others to take The Pledge is a trial of compatibility. Our Members meet others that exhibit and practice, what they hope those close to them do as well. It is a form of added security, as well as a communication of desires and intentions for self and our relationships. We believe in the importance of putting such things to writing.

We also believe investing time in those with similar goals, intentions and moral outlooks is the best investment one could make. Sometimes love isn’t enough. Oftentimes direction and compatibility should come first.

What is the goal in Pledging?

Direction. A needle on a compass when disoriented. A map in hand when lost. A benchmark truly worth reaching. Perfection is unattainable, but nothing worth doing in life is simple. Make a life of living, instead of simply living.

What is the advantage to Pledging?

Not only does the Pledge mark a time in your life, it opens up new door and opportunities. As well as new friendships, and new hearts worth touching. Our members are deep loving and feeling creatures, less apprehensive of growing close to others on a similar path. Some of our Members also receive “Protection” by our House during the Consideration phase, if requested. Pledging will also put our Members on the invite list for future functions, and create opportunities for molding the House in your own vision should you prove an asset to the House.

What is expected of those that Pledge?

Authenticity is what we hope for. Perfection is an illusion, while earnest effort and follow-through is what we admire most. We do not micromanage our Members to adhere to the Tenets to the letter, however we may remind our Members from time to time they made a Pledge to themselves if we feel they are causing unnecessary friction. As outlined elsewhere, Membership is a privilege… Not a right.

Do all that Pledge become Members of the House?

Absolutely not. If estimated, perhaps 1/6th of those that Pledge make it through the “Consideration” phase, and become Full Members. To Pledge is making a decoration of interest. If accepted, the next phase is to get to know the other members, and to attempt applying the Tenants to your life. We may gel, we may not. Many of those that Pledge do not end up becoming Full or Core Members, as either the House does not work into their lives, or they do not work into the House. Pledging and becoming accepted as a Recognize Member is the simple part, becoming the best version of yourself is the hard part.

Divider ThornTo be considered for membership take: The Pledge
All Members must also adhere to: House Sanguine Tenets
Divider Thorn

Are my partners required to Pledge?

No. In some cases partners attached to a Recognized Member may be given membership by proxy. Recognized Member than assumes full responsibility of said member by proxy. This may or may not come with Protection if requested by said partners.

In some cases it should be encouraged that our Members invite those closest to them to take The Pledge as well. Our House does not grow unless our members help build it. Additionally we hope your partners of choice are also committed to the same level of integrity we strive to exhibit as well. If not, wouldn’t most prefer to know this sooner rather than later?

Who knows, you and your partner(s) may end up becoming Core Members of your own House…

Who is restricted from Pledging?

Those that are under 18 years of age should not be encouraged to Pledge, nor take the pledge. Those that have little or no intention in striving for greatness, nor those dishonest about their ability in committing to as many of the Tenets as possible. Also those that have not thoroughly considered the gravity of such a decision to become the best version of yourself possible should not waste their time.

Do I have to Pledge now?

No. No one will be overtly pressured to Pledge. Ever. There is a distinction between encouragement, and peer pressure. Do what feels best in your own heart, based on what you want for the best version of yourself. Furthermore; should you wish to see who our Members are or what they are like, simply reach out. We would be happy to include you in some of our General Member communication channels before you Pledge should you desire.

Why should I pledge?

To mark the definitive point in your life when you accept the fact that you are worthy of great things, and have the follow-through from this moment forth to accept that.

Divider ThornStill confused? Visit: Frequently Asked Questions
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